Christian. Husband. Father. Veteran. Pharmacist. Businessman. Farmer. Conservative. These are some of the words that describe Dr. Robert Goforth.

Dr. Robert Goforth is running for Kentucky State Representative for the 89th District of Jackson County along with portions of Laurel and Madison counties, because he wants to give back to the communities that helped him be successful in life.

Robert grew up in humble circumstances, enlisted in the U.S. Army when he became of age, and served as a combat engineer. Robert put himself through college at the University of Kentucky, and later graduated from pharmacy school.

As a pharmacist and business owner, Robert knows all about self-reliance, hard work, and what it takes to accomplish goals. He’s a proven job creator. Robert built his businesses from the ground up, building his pharmacies in Southeast Kentucky up from zero to multimillion dollars in annual revenues. Robert created over 30 jobs in his businesses for people in our region.