Dr. Robert Goforth enters race to represent Jackson County as well as portions of Laurel and Madison counties; vows to give back entire legislative salary to improve quality of life in district

FRANKFORT- Dr. Robert Goforth today officially entered the race for Kentucky State Representative, 89th District, by filing his candidacy papers with the Secretary of State at the State Capitol in Frankfort.

Goforth, a registered pharmacist, and former independent pharmacy owner, as well as a cattle farmer, is a founder of Project DARIS, a drug abuse prevention program that he has presented free-of-charge to schools across Kentucky.

Goforth said he viewed his candidacy as an “extension of service” to his native region and a way that he could “give back” to area communities that offered him a chance to be successful in life.

“My wife and I have thought about this for a while, and prayed about it, and we decided that now was the right time to offer the people a choice for state representative in the district we call home,” Goforth said.

Goforth said his top four issues as state representative would be drugs, jobs, education, and transportation.

“As a private citizen, I have tried to take the resources God has blessed me with and give back to the extent that I can,” he continued, “I know that as state representative, I can do even more to help our people and improve our region.”

Goforth vowed to return all of his legislative pay for projects and causes to improve the quality of life in the 89th District.

“I will return every dime of my legislative salary, equally, to worthy projects and efforts in Jackson, Laurel, and Madison counties—I’m not going up there to profit off being the people’s voice—I am going to try to do the right thing,” said Goforth.

Goforth also advocates for term limits for members of the Kentucky General Assembly.

“I don’t believe that the founding fathers of our nation and Commonwealth ever wanted the legislature to be resting places for fat and happy politicians to linger there for reasons of self-interest. I will work to introduce reasonable term limits, as has been done in other states,” Goforth said.

Goforth said he appreciated the “hard work and dedication” of current Rep. Marie Rader during and wished her well in future endeavors.

“We all stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us. Rep. Rader has contributed a great deal during her time in the legislature, and I am grateful for her service,” said Goforth.

Goforth resides in the East Bernstadt community in Laurel County with his wife, Ashley, and their children, Jordan, Abigail, Benjamin, and Christian.