Our teachers, police, firefighters, and EMS personnel along with all state, county, and city employees were made a promise.  These promises are legal obligations from the state to its employees that must be fulfilled.  The current governor has made unfortunate statements that have unfairly scared our public employees.  That is not right.  Pensions are inviolable contracts that cannot be broken.  We need to quit alarming people and start finding effective solutions. Robert will work to fully fund our pensions in a way that is just and fair to all.  Pension dollars are crucial to Kentucky’s economy and they affect far more than just pension holders–small businesses in all of our communities are affected, too. We have to do what is right for our current and retired state employees, and for all of Kentucky.


A strong educational system is at the heart of who we are as Kentuckians.  Robert supports our public schools 100%, and opposes any public dollars going to establish charter schools.  Robert and his running mate, Mike Hogan, are products of public schools, and they know the difference that good teachers can make in our children’s lives. We must ensure that a commitment to public education remains paramount in Kentucky—it shouldn’t be a partisan issue!  A Goforth-Hogan Administration will equip our students and teachers with the tools they need for success in the 21st Century.


As Governor, Robert will work closely with our counties and cities, as well as our area development districts (ADDs), and the state Economic Development Cabinet, to bring good paying  jobs to Kentucky. We have had some disappointments, but we cannot and must not stop trying to build our economy.  We should not build up people’s hopes with press releases and announcements, only to tear them down when projects do not materialize. We have abundant resources and a great workforce that is ready, willing, and able to work.  Kentuckians can do anything, and we will never cease in our crusade to bring good jobs to our state.


For decades, Kentucky has been languishing behind surrounding states while waiting for true, comprehensive tax reform that is fair, just, and balanced.  Taxes are how we work together to invest in the foundations of thriving communities.  By cleaning up costly, ineffective tax breaks, we can create a Kentucky that works for all of us.  More resources will allow us to reinvest in our schools, provide adequate community services, upgrade our infrastructure and more.
While maintaining legitimate exceptions to the state sales tax for essential items like groceries and prescription medications, we should eliminate other exemptions that drain revenue from the General Fund without achieving critical policy goals.

Workers Compensation and Black Lung

Robert Goforth has fought hard in the Kentucky General Assembly for a fair and balanced Workers Compensation that protects the rights of hardworking Kentuckians who are in injured on the job through no fault of their own.  Robert was part of bipartisan opposition to destructive changes made to Kentucky’s Workers Compensation system in the 2018 Regular Session of the Legislature.
Robert is the current co-sponsor of a bill that would repeal certain provisions of legislation that was passed that related to those afflicted with Black Lung disease.  At a time when the horrific disease is on the upswing, Robert feels the state has a moral obligation to allow coal miners suffering from Black Lung to have the easiest access possible to doctors who can assess their condition and efficiently move them through the system. Our heroic coal miners have been a bedrock of Kentucky’s economy for generations, and they should have a fair shake when stricken with a terrible occupational health hazard.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Good roads, new bridges, expanded Broadband Internet capacity, and filling in the gaps of rural cellular telephone services are all critical components of Kentucky’s future. Without them, we cannot expect to grow our economy and recruit the kind of new development that will mean more jobs for Kentuckians.
A Goforth-Hogan Administration will fight hard for the transportation and infrastructure that Kentucky must have to insure viability and continued growth.

Drugs and Criminal Justice

A Goforth-Hogan Administration will implement a balanced approach to Criminal Justice in Kentucky; offering hope and rehabilitation to addicts, but realizing that jail is indeed where some career criminals belong.
Robert has spent years as a drug educator in Kentucky’s schools, and Mike has spent years on the front lines as a local prosecutor. Together, they have seen the problems firsthand and up-close, and are committed to maintaining a focus and a commitment to battling the drug epidemic. The Goforth-Hogan Team understands that we must utilize an approach that is firm, but fair, and offers addicts a chance at better way of life, while protecting victims and communities.


The American People are rightly disgusted to see the push in some states toward infanticide–the killing of innocent babies outside the womb. Robert is 100% Pro-Life.  As the father of four children and the legal guardian of a brother will special needs, Robert opposes the silent slaughter of God’s precious innocent unborn children. Robert sponsored the first version of the fetal heartbeat bill that bans abortion in Kentucky once a fetal heartbeat is detected.  It is so true that in order for America to be a great nation, we must first be a good nation. Robert will never bend in the fight for our Christian principles and values.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment is non-negotiable with Robert Goforth. We have a Constitutional right to defend ourselves and our loved ones that no one can take away from us. Robert will fight against any and all encroachments on our gun rights.  That’s why he introduced and voted for the most pro-Second Amendment legislation in Kentucky history.  Robert has an A+ Rating from the National Rifle Association.  We must keep Kentucky and America free!